A CROOKED disability assessor – Capita – bragged on TV that he earned £20,000 a month.

These assessments are far from productive as it is. The assessment decision is based on what is,seen and heard on the day. It does not include any historical evidence, and should not be valued above an individuals own GP evaluation of your condition. Disability rights used to be in a position where they were overseeing the whole situation but were effectively paid to deliver a days training to Maximus, Capita and Atos, then dismissed from the overseeing position. So now you are actually assessed by someone who’s knowledge is based on a few hours experience in the role. And your livelyhood depends on the outcome. An outcome that for many has resulted in fatalities. And the pay scale for the job is ridiculous, varying between £46,000 to £86,000 depending on ‘experience’ and, wait for it….’Gender’!!!!


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