A Letter to Law Enforcement About Medication-assisted Treatments

An excellent and very informative letter to officers in the good old US of A. I remember when you used to get a little letter inside exchange kits stating that the property remained in ownership of the Nx where it was collected from. I wonder if there could be a similar approach brainstormed. I also wonder I there have ever been statistical records collated around stop and searches involving prescription medications. Would be interesting to see if there is a high prevalence. Any way digressing. I found this letter quite like a breath of free air through the smog. 😉

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Dear Officer Zealous:
First of all, thank you for patrolling our streets and highways and your efforts to keep them safe. I know you have a hard job and I deeply appreciate your willingness to take on this responsibility.

However, please stop arresting my patients for whom I’ve prescribed methadone and buprenorphine (better known under the brand names Suboxone, Subutex, or Zubsolv). You mistakenly think all people taking these medications have no right to be driving, and you are wrong. I’m writing this letter to give you better information that you can use to do your job better.

Our nation is in the middle of a crisis. Opioid addiction is an epidemic, and too often its sufferers die of overdoses. Medication-assisted treatment with methadone and buprenorphine works very well to prevent overdose deaths, and it’s been proven to help patients have a better quality of life in recovery.

I doubt…

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