According to Ghandi, the basis of  social change requires building a new social structure, society, in the shell of the old. This is what is known as constructive programming. Formulating campaigns that are intimately related to the wider struggle for social justice, economic self reliance, ecological harmony, as well as a quest for self realisation. For the individual constructive programming means increased power from within through the development of personal identity, self reliance, and fearlessness. For the community it means the creation of a new set of political, social and economic relations.

Ghamdi posited three elements needed for social transformation: Personal transformation, political action and contructive program. He saw them as intertwined and all equally nesessary to achieve social change.

The core elements nesessary for transformation and liberation involve programs of equality, unity, education and economic self reliance. Equality means creating political campaigns and co-operative enterprises across social divides. Asset mapping your community and utilising it to meet your needs.

The process of working on constructive program has fundamental benefits, the first of which is providing immediate assistance to those in greatest need. As people who come together in community, not individual, action, they build constituencies for social change. Constructive program offers training for civil disobedience, this often involves non-cooperation. Constructive work provides opportunities to develop the skills needed to build a new society. Some of the goals that are achievable with constructive program are….

1.  To prevent stigma from creating demonised and disadvantaged groups within your community.

2.  To form a support network to prevent further stigmatisation.

3.  To provide evidence based methods to address stigma and to deal with conflict resolution through self empowerment.

4.  To provide economic strategies to support the basic needs of those you represent.



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