SUSSED (Service User Strategy 4 Self Empowerment & Development)

SUSSED (Service User Strategy 4 Self Empowerment & Development) logo

SUSSED are a Bedford based recovery oriented group of individuals who are forging a path through the quagmire that is currently escalating in the substance misuse sector. They represent members of their community who struggle in the face of adversity on a daily basis and advocate for change at every level of the journey. They are a staunch and supportive group of individuals who have personal experience of living with some of the issues that are most relevant to individuals that they support, a valued and dedicated group whose interests evolve around the human and civil rights of those less fortunate than themselves. They are working at bringing their community together in a unified voice and provide a platform for that voice to be heard.

Their philosophy and mission statement is….


1.            To empower people managing or recovering from drug or alcohol problems in Bedford and the surrounding area so that they can live independent lives.

2.            To provide information & support to help combat deprivation and isolation within persons suffering or recovering from drug & alcohol problems within Bedford and the surrounding areas

3.            To promote the relief and recovery of persons with drug & alcohol problems and the preservation and protection of the physical & mental wellbeing of such persons by the provision of recreation and harm reduction interventions.

4.            To provide information, workshops, training, employment and various activities to help to reduce crime and enhance the social and economic development of persons suffering or recovering from drug & alcohol problems within Bedford & surrounding areas.

5.            To provide various workshops and activities that will enable persons recovering from drug & alcohol problems to participate in mainstream society, promote community safety and enhance their skills to better access voluntary and paid employment opportunities within Bedford & surrounding areas.

6.            To provide various activities and events aimed at enhancing the spiritual and social wellbeing and reduce the social isolation of persons suffering or recovering from drug & alcohol problems and helping to combat community isolation within Bedford and surrounding areas.

7.            To fight for better, safer and quicker treatment for people managing and experiencing substance problems in the Bedford area by recruiting members who have experienced substance misuse issues.

8.            To help substance users grow through Peer training, harm reduction / minimisation information, Recovery Champion training, education and support.

9.            To help volunteer members to contribute to the local workforce by passing on learned skills and experience to take on full time employment.

10.          To speak as an independent voice and act as a “treatment watchdog” on all issues related to the care and treatment of people with substance misuse issues in the Bedford area.

11.          To protect users by advocating for their civil and human rights, and ensure service users receive humane treatment in all settings.

12.          To offer assistance to, and share good practice with similar groups elsewhere and maintain the highest standards in its work.


Follow them on the links below. If you like what you see join them in support of the community they represent.

Other useful links that may be of help to you can be found in the useful links page on the website. Please feel free to let me know if you would like any links added to this comprehensive support network.


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