Have had a rare break this weekend doing absolutely nothing. It’s not often that I do this but every now and again I just switch off. Partner and daughter are over at the grandparents, house is probably a little bit too quiet for my liking and I’m missing them but a little part of me is enjoying the solitude. As long as they come home soon otherwise I may start going stir crazy, me and my shadow tend to argue if we are left alone to long!!

 Spent yesterday over at the grandparents house with them and it was nice. Went out for a walk around the countryside and was picking up diamonds (stones) for a while, then was attacked by a swarm of dragonfly’s, which my daughter got a little mixed up with and was referring to them as dinosaurfly’s bless her. Was good to get away from the city bussle for a while and enjoy the countryside. Once she was in bed and asleep, I said my goodbyes and made my way home. I’m a creature of comfort and like my own bed at the end of the day.

 Today I went out training for an up and coming sponsored walk that I am doing along with a few others to promote recovery in my local community and also to raise funde for the local service user group to keep doing what they are doing. The walk will be quite a test as it is 30 miles from Bedford to Cambridge.





Testing the water I went out to a little nature spot, Priory Marina,  just outside the town and walked around the lake a few times. After doing that I got cocky and decided to go that little bit further, being the addict that I am who always wants more, despite the pain. I decided to have a walk out to the Danish Camp, which should have been a round journey of around 6 miles. On top of what I had already done, that would have been a good days training….however….not knowing the lay of the land, I took a wrong turn somewhere and didn’t realise until I was almost in the next town of Sandy. Now this wouldn’t have been a problem if I didn’t have to walk back!! Anyway, eventually made it back to the Marina, then walked a further 2 miles to get back to the train station and am now indoors nursing a few loverly home grown blisters. Still, on the plus side, I managed to get a good days training in and feel quite good for it.


30 mile hike?? Bring it on!!



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