An inspirational blog from Stonetree, with some interesting resource links for those who have an interest.

Stonetree Harm Reduction

Well this is my 100th blog post.  It’s taken just under 2 years and since starting in October 2010, the site has received over 12,000 page visits.  By my reckoning I have written the equivalent to half a PhD (in quantity, I’m not going to claim the quality)!

I write primarily about technology, harm reduction and how we can use technology to address the stigma and other harms that drug users experience.    There have been a number of other blogs, websites and most importantly, people who have inspired me along the way.   I thought it was fitting then to have a look at some of the great blogs and websites that address the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs in our society.

The Australian Heroin Diaries

Terry Wright retired the magnificent blog, The Australian Heroin Diaries in August 2011. Terry had been writing the blog since 2007…

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